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NTC Thermistor in Automotive Sensor
2019/05/21 03:05:07

The high-temperature resistant NTC thermistor produced by EXSENSE Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, which is high-temperature resistant (-50~180℃, can work at 200 ℃ in short time), good stability, high reliability, can be used in automobile or the product needed to be measured in high temperature environment.

Taking the automotive sensor containing NTC thermistor as an example, it takes the advantage of the high-temperature resistant of thermistor, which is mainly used for automobile temperature detection. For example, engine temperature, inhaled gas temperature, cooling water temperature, fuel oil temperature and catalytic temperature. NTC thermistor type automobile sensor has high sensitivity, fast response and high precision, which keeps the automobile engine in good running state and can prolong the operating life better.

Automotive sensor, whose internal high-temperature resistant NTC thermistor, its resistance increases as the temperature decreases; Conversely, the resistance goes down. Automotive sensor containing NTC thermistor are mounted on the water sleeve of the engine block or cylinder head, which is in direct contact with the cooling water. The sensor uses the characteristic of temperature detection of high-temperature resistant NTC thermistor, to detect the temperature of the engine cooling water, thus preventing the engine from overheating and causing damage. The Automotive electronic control unit outputs the correction signal by storing, calculating, analyzing and processing information through the sensor. Therefore, with the help of the NTC thermistor, the Automotive electronic control unit will test the temperature of the engine cooling water according to the change of temperature and analyzes, then treat it as a correction signal for fuel injection and ignition timing.

As a result, when motorists in the operation of the car, uses the characteristic of temperature detection of high-temperature resistant NTC thermistor, the temperature of the engine cooling water can be used to know the current running state of the car, stop driving or continue to drive, or estimate how long to continue to drive, etc.

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