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High-temperature Resistance NTC Thermistor and Automotive Water Temperature Sensor
2019/07/11 02:07:06

High-temperature resistance NTC thermistor produced by EXSENSE Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has the characteristics of high sensitivity, high reliability and fast response. Its range of operating temperature is -50~+180℃(can up to 200℃ in a short time), so it’s widely used in automotive water temperature sensor and other products that need to be measured temperature at high-temperature environment. At present, the common automotive water temperature sensor on the market are mostly electric heating wire structure, when it measures temperature, the response is slow and insensitive, the engine temperature is not accurate. During operation, the engine temperature condition can only be basically detected, the real-time operating temperature cannot be more accurately judged more accurately, and the signal cannot be provided more accurately to the control unit (ECU, Electronic Control Unit), with an output temperature error of ±5℃.

In order to overcome the shortcomings of the existing technology, let’s introduce a high-temperature resistance NTC thermistor as the core component of of the automotive water temperature sensor, its response speed is fast, precision is high, error is small. The automotive water temperature sensor includes a metal housing, high-temperature resistance NTC thermistor, plug connector and compression spring. Its metal housing is equipped with a sealed inner cavity, which is equipped with the thermistor, which is in contact with the bottom of the inner cavity. The upper end of the metal housing is arranged with an output plug connector, the lower end of the plug connector is entered into the inner cavity and connected to the upper end of a compression spring. The lower end of this compression spring is connected to the high-temperature resistance NTC thermistor and secured at the bottom of the inner cavity. The surface of compression spring is covered with a silver-plated passivation layer for more stable performance. The metal housing of the water temperature sensor is formed in one body, with an insulation layer between the inner wall and the compression spring and this can prevent internal short circuit.

This automotive water temperature sensor, replaces the heating wire wound bimetallic sheet of existing technology with a high-temperature resistance NTC thermistor, making the response more sensitive, the measurement accuracy is higher, and the temperature error range is controlled at a temperature range of ±1℃, which can be better to provide effective information and judgment data for the automotive control unit(ECU, Electronic Control Unit).

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