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NTC Thermistor and TO(Transistor Outline) Package
2019/11/05 03:11:10

TO(Transistor Outline) package refers to the two metal electrodes on the NTC chip, which are connected to the external connector by wire in order to connect with other components. The TO package can play the role of installation, fixing, sealing, protecting the chip and enhancing the thermal performance, etc.. On one hand, because the chip must be isolated from the outside world to prevent the impurities in the air from corroding the chip, cause the electrical performance change or decline; On the other hand, the chips after TO package are easier to install and transport.Two metal electrodes on the NTC chip are wired to the pin splicing the package housing, and then connected to the other components via a wire on the printed circuit board (PCB, Printed circuit board) to connect the internal chip to the external circuit.

At present, the NTC thermistor of existing epoxy resin coating, it’s coating consistency is poor; Axial-type glass sealed NTC thermistor, which may open or short circuit during use. In response to the above technical issues, EXSENSE Electronics introduce a TO package for NTC thermistor, which has characteristics of good consistency, stable quality, high precision.

This TO package of this NTC thermistor consists of two electrodes and the package frame plate pedestal, one electrode is connected to the package frame plate pedestal, which is connected to one of the pins; The other electrode is connected to the other pin to form a thermistor. Its general production process is as follows:

1. Spot solder or other conductive materials on the package frame plate pedestal;

2. Put the NTC chip on the package frame plate pedestal;

3. Use the welding manner by copper wire or gold wire to connect the electrode of NTC chip which isn’t contacted with frame plate pedestal to the other pin;

4. Plastic package;

5. If customer doesn’t need the middle pin, can cut off the middle pin, only leaving two pins on both sides;

6. Electroplating;

7. Test;

This TO package of NTC thermistor is more convenient for customers to use, and can be used on production line of automatic assembly. Its consistent of products is good, and quality is stable, can avoid problems with other package thermistors such as open or short circuits. NTC thermistor and NTC chip produced by EXSENSE Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. with characteristics of high precision, great reliability and high sensitivity, which plays an indispensable role in the TO package process.

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