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Intelligent LED Light and NTC Thermistor
2019/12/17 02:12:30

NTC thermistor produced by EXSENSE Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., with characteristics of high precision, high reliability and high sensitivity. With the advent of intelligent equipment, automation equipment, and office equipment, NTC thermistors can monitor temperature and control temperature more precisely and efficiently. Therefore, in order to make people work more convenient and live more comfortable, NTC thermistor for the acquisition of temperature information is particularly important.

Today, LED lights are installed in every household, not only because of its long service life, energy saving and environmental protection, but also in the low-thermal voltage state of work. Existing LED lights on the market, in addition to basic lighting, waterproofing and other common functions, there are no other ancillary functions, resulting in LED lights have a single range, low utilization of resources, which can not meet the needs of users for intelligent lighting and multi-purpose integrated lamps.

In order to overcome the shortcomings of the above technology, EXSENSE Electronics for you to introduce a intelligent LED lamp, it can better sense the existence of the human body, and also automatically sense the temperature to adjust color temperature, and with security functions, with stronger practicality. This intelligent LED lamp includes a drive power supply, a circuit board, NTC thermistor, microwave sensor, a human-body pyroelectric infrared sensor, led lights, a buzzer and a remote control.

The high sensitive human-body pyroelectric infrared sensor in LED light, add SMD type NTC thermistor for temperature monitoring, combined with the remote control with fortification and disarming function, supplemented by a high-decibel alarm buzzer, forming an anti-theft system. When the user wants to go out or sleep, use the remote control to run the system, if someone enters the room, it will trigger the high sensitive human-body pyroelectric infrared sensor, then the LED light will come on, while the buzzer emits a loud alarm sound to achieve anti-theft effect. When the user comes back, can use the remote control to press the disarming key at the door to undo it.


The NTC thermistor in the intelligent LED lamp can monitor the ambient temperature and humidity, and the resulting data will be transferred to the micro-control unit for judgment. LED light board is equipped with two different color temperature LED lights, for example, one color temperature of 2700K, the other is 6500K, the output duty ratio of micro-control unit is used to control the brightness of the two LED lights, achieve the purpose of adjusting color temperature. For instance, when 2700K is fully bright, 6500K is fully off, which is color temperature of 2700K; When 2700K is 30% brightness output, 6500K is 70% brightness output, which is mixed into color temperature of 5360K. When the ambient temperature is in seven-segment range of <5℃, 5 to 10℃, 10 to 15℃, 15 to 20℃, 20 to 25℃, 25 to 30℃, >30℃, respectively corresponding to color temperature of 2700K, 3300K, 3900K, 4500K, 5200K, 5900K, 6500K. NTC thermistor enables LED light to automatically adjust color temperature, such as in summer, the light automatically turns to a cold-white color temperature; And in winter, the light automatically turns to warm-white color temperature.

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