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Composite Electrode NTC Chip
2020/01/28 03:01:01

NTC chip is a semiconductor thermal element, which has the advantages of high sensitivity, fast response speed, small size, etc. With the development of electronic technology, electrical products in daily life have NTC chip products. It is widely used, now NTC chip in addition to electronic components, sensors, etc. , can also be used in bonding technology. Bonding mostly uses gold line Bonding, gold wire and gold electrode better bond together. However, most NTC chip silver electrode chips are difficult to determine with gold wire welding. Although the existing technology has gold electrode NTC chip, but its production cost is high, low cost-effective. Therefore, it is urgent to develop a gold electrode NTC chip suitable for bonding and low production cost.

In order to overcome the shortcomings of existing technology, Ai Yi Electronics for you to introduce a composite electrode NTC chip, the thermal chip is suitable for gold line Bangding, at the same time its production cost is low, the production process is simple and convenient. This composite NTC chip is on the two surfaces of the thermal substrate, layered from the inside out to print silver electrodes, gold electrodes. The thickness range of the silver electrode is 3 to 30 microns, the thickness range of the gold electrode is 0.5 to 5 microns, and the gold electrode is uniformly covered by a vacuum sputterer on the silver electrode surface. The production process is as follows:

(1) Complete the pre-order production of thermal substrate: ingredients - ball grinding - ultra-high-pressure molding - sintering - slicing - silver-burned silver, to obtain a thermal substrate containing silver electrode;

(2) The vacuum sputtering machine has a crucible, which places the gold in the crucible as the evaporative material;

(3) Put the made silver electrode thermal substrate into the vacuum sputterer and secure it in the position in front of the crucible;

(4) Open the vacuum sputterer, wait for the vacuum system to pump to a high vacuum, heattherium, so that the gold evaporation of gold molecules sputtered to the surface of the thermal substrate silver electrode;

(5) To be finished after the operation of the system, the surface uniform lymhards of gold out of the heat-sensitive substrate;

(6) The thermal substrate covered with gold is scribbled, and the composite electrode NTC chip can be obtained.

This composite NTC chip is an improvement of the existing silver electrode NTC chip to make an NTC chip with a gold electrode on the surface, which can adapt to the requirements of gold-wire bonding technology. In the production process, the surface of direct contact with the thermal substrate is printed with a silver electrode, and then on the silver electrode is covered with a gold electrode, which solves the problem of high production cost caused by the simple use of gold electrode, and improves the cost-effective. Guangdong Aiyi Electronic Technology Co. , Ltd. production of NTC chips, high reliability, high stability, suitable for Bonding, packaging, etc. , according to customer requirements to customize different sizes and parameters.

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