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2020/11/24 03:11:09

EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. has been established for 13 years, we are focus on research, development and production of NTC thermistor chip for IGBT, with a number of patents and core technology, we commit to providing IGBT module customers with higher precision NTC chips. IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) is a power semiconductor component which is widely used in circuits and is one of the most important components in power semiconductors, equivalent to the "CPU" in the circuit.

IGBT can be divided into the following levels by voltage level:

First, ultra-low voltage, voltage range is 400 to 500V, operating frequency is generally lower than 2KHz, mainly used in igniter of internal combustion engine;

Second, low voltage, voltage range is 600 to 1350V, operating frequency is generally 2 to 100KHz, mainly used in electric automobile, UPS, home appliance, electric welding machines, solar cells, wind power, etc.

Third, medium voltage, voltage range is 1400 to 2500V, operating frequency is generally 10 to 50KHz, mainly used in subway / city rail drive, solar cells, etc.;

Fourth, high voltage, voltage range is 2500 to 6500V, operating frequency is generally 5KHz, mainly used in rail traction (G-series high-speed train, D-series high-speed train), power grid, large industrial equipment.

Currently, 90% of Chinese power elements, including IGBT, rely on imports and cost more than $10 billion, among them, IGBT spending the most. By last year, the share of imports had fallen to 60%, with the industry growing by 20%. At present, international market of IGBT is monopolized by several groups, The pattern of the international market is that Europe, America and Japan occupy the high-end market, while the mainland and Taiwan occupy the middle and low-end market.

In the 4G era, the key indicator of IGBT is the number of switching times, such as the continuous camera function of mobile phone. IGBT switches between 30,000 and 50,000 times per second. In the 5G era, due to the increase in frequency, more attention is paid to the endurance of IGBT, requiring it to withstand higher voltage and current. Therefore, the future development direction is to replace silicon-based materials with third-generation semiconductor materials with stronger breakdown electric field. At present, the main substitute materials are mainly carbon-based materials, especially silicon carbide.

According to the plan of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, core components must be autonomous and controllable, among which IGBT is listed as one of the key projects with strong policy support. The highest part of IGBT technology barrier is high voltage and high frequency, our country has been in the state of technology gap, until last year to complete a major technological breakthrough, up to the international standard. It is expected that in the next two to three years, the dependence on foreign products can be removed. At present, 80% of the domestic market share has been taken by the top ten companies. If it is completely autonomous and controllable, the future will undoubtedly be a blue sea market. There are several reasons why IGBT has been paid attention to:

First, there is an urgent need for autonomous and controllable components in China;

Second, the price of the product rose by 15% in the first half of the year;

Third, the demand side release quantity;

Fourth, the outbreak of OVID-19 caused the decline of foreign production capacity.

The downstream volume of IGBT is mainly concentrated in the field of consumer electronics and new-energy automobile. The 5G era is a deterministic investment opportunity for the consumer electronics industry, so IGBT, as the upstream, will also benefit deeply. In addition, compared with traditional oil-fueled automobile, new-energy automobile will double the cost of IGBT. For example, a compartment of G-series high-speed train needs more than 300 IGBT modules.

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