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Role of SMD Type NTC Thermistor In TWS Bluetooth Headsets
2022/03/01 03:03:27

TWS (True Wireless Stereo) headsets are a very hot headset in the consumer electronics market in recent years. Different mobile phone manufacturers, traditional audio manufacturers and the new TWS Bluetooth headsets manufacturers are constantly launching new products. With the improvement of product performance and the continuous enrichment of functions, TWS Bluetooth headsets have been recognized by more and more consumers, and the user group and market have continued to expand. The intelligentization of TWS Bluetooth headsets is inseparable from various sensors with NTC thermistor. At present, NTC thermistor in TWS Bluetooth headsets mainly has five functions: in-ear detection, human-computer interaction, sound pickup, virtual sound effect and health assistance.

First, in-ear detection

Ear detection is also known as wear detection function, different brands have different naming methods, applied to TWS Bluetooth headsets can achieve the following functions:

1.Judge whether the user wears or takes off the headsets, let the phone plays or pauses the music automatically;
2.If the user takes off the headset and does not wear it for a long time and does not put it back into the charging box, the headsets will automatically turn into sleep mode or shut down to save power;
3.Improve the experience of using TWS Bluetooth headsets with one ear or both ears. Remove one ear and continue playing by the other, realizing seamless switching.

Second, human-computer interaction

Human-computer interaction mainly refers to the TWS Bluetooth headsets can realize more functions such as play or pause, songs switching, volume adjustment, intelligent voice wake-up and other functions through different touch actions of human body. In this way, the TWS Bluetooth headsets can be used to a certain extent without the phone, which is convenient and fast.

Third, sound pickup

The microphone inside a TWS Bluetooth headsets for sound pickup, there are two common types, electret microphone and silicon microphone. The microphone is mainly used to collect the sound outside the headsets and convert it into electrical signals and transmit them to the main control chip for processing, so as to realize the active noise reduction, voice call, call noise reduction, ambient sound mode, voice assistant wake-up and other functions of the headsets.

Fourth, virtual sound effect

The special sound effect function of TWS Bluetooth headsets is one of the features that has been popular in recent years and has attracted a lot of attention from users. Some of the special sound effect functions are realized by pure software algorithms, and some rely on six-axis sensors or gyroscopes with relevant algorithms.

Fifth, health assistance

At present, smartwatches and smart wristbands are the main health assistance product in wearable devices, and related technologies have been developed very mature. TWS Bluetooth headsets also have the characteristics of close contact with the human body and easy to wear. It has a good application in health detection, which can detect heart rate and body temperature, assist hearing and other functions related to health assistance.

SMD type NTC thermistor produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., LTD., plays the role of temperature sensing in TWS Bluetooth headsets due to its characteristics of small size, fast reaction speed, high sensitivity, etc.. This will help to improve the performance, function and quality of TWS Bluetooth headsets, and form a virtuous cycle to promote the stable development of TWS Bluetooth headsets market.

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