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Market Share of SMD Type NTC Thermistor in TWS Bluetooth Headsets
2022/06/02 03:06:27

With the advent of noise cancellation technology, the performance of TWS Bluetooth headsets has been improved, the user experience is better, and the shipment volume is also increasing, showing explosive growth. In 2016, the global shipment volume of TWS Bluetooth headsets was 9.18 million units, and the shipment growth rate of TWS headphones continued to expand as more and more manufacturers entered the market. Shipments reached 170 million units in 2019 and more than doubled for three consecutive years. As a result, the market share of SMD type NTC thermistor required for TWS Bluetooth headsets has been increasing. According to the datasheet below, the shipment of TWS Bluetooth headsets in 2021 has not reached expectations due to the impact of the COVID-19, but this is in line with the estimate that the growth rate of TWS Bluetooth headsets will slow down from 2020 to 2024, but the compound annual growth rate is still expected to be as high as 19.8%.

The market size of TWS Bluetooth headsets is large and the demand for electronic components is considerable, its development prospect is self-evident. From the structure of the TWS Bluetooth headsets itself, it is composed of charging case and Bluetooth headsets. The Bluetooth headsets is mainly composed of Bluetooth chip, G sensor, lithium battery management chip, 50-55mah battery, etc.. The charging case is mainly composed of charge management IC, MCU, and 450-750mah battery, and the charging port is protected by transient voltage suppressor (TVS) and over-voltage protection (OVP). In the project of TWS Bluetooth headset, in order to prevent the headsets from being damaged during charging or over-temperature during use, it is necessary to use SMD type NTC thermistors for temperature protection and temperature monitoring to protect the user.

In recent years, with the development of TWS Bluetooth headsets in the direction of intelligence and miniaturization, major manufacturers are also use SMD type NTC thermistors to enable headphones to monitor human body temperature in real time and feedback information to mobile phones, so that users can always know their own health conditions. The development and popularization of this technology has effectively driven TWS Bluetooth headsets closer to the smart wearable market.

The SMD type NTC thermistor developed and produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. has the characteristics of small size and high accuracy (can up to ±0.5%), which can meet the requirements of automatic assembly and play the role of temperature protection and temperature monitoring in TWS Bluetooth headsets.

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