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NTC Thermistor in Smart Bracelet
2022/09/27 03:09:00

In recent years, the main symptom of several epidemic diseases has been abnormal patient temperature, so temperature monitoring is essential to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and to ensure a timely response. In order to achieve real-time monitoring of body temperature and provide users with health data analysis, a smart bracelet came into being. The NTC thermistor is a key component of the smart bracelet to effectively realize the user's high-precision body temperature monitoring.

NTC thermistors can help smart bracelets monitor user body temperature in real time in different scenarios; The data transmission between the bracelet and the information data collector (such as the mobile phone) can effectively monitor the user's movement trajectory and range of motion. Through their cooperation with each other, a complete set of temperature monitoring systems have been formed, which can directly or indirectly monitor the user's physical condition at any time, place and temperature, and timely feedback abnormal situations to users. This is very helpful for the prevention and control of various infectious diseases, the isolation of potential infected people, and the acquisition of clinical data analysis. Compared with traditional thermometers, forehead temperature guns, thermal imagers/equipment, etc., smart bracelets eliminate the lengthy temperature measurement process, have no statistical limitations, and do not require crowd gathering. High-precision body temperature monitoring through NTC thermistors allows users to obtain relevant data anytime, anywhere, just by requiring them to wear them.

At present, most of the smart bracelet manufacturers will choose Guangdong Aisheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. CT series SMD type NTC thermistor, because of its small size, high precision, to meet the needs of automated assembly, can well meet the development trend of smart bracelet miniaturization, intelligence and so on. In order to better improve the accuracy of body temperature monitoring and ensure the stability of data measurement, Aisheng Electronics has launched a CB series SMD type NTC thermistor, which is a leadless structure suitable for high-density surface mounting, catering to the needs of smart bracelet miniaturization; Moreover, the bending strength of the thermistor is high, which can avoid cracking caused by the warping of the PCB board after mounting. CB series SMD type NTC thermistor uses a temperature range of -55 ~ 125 °C, it has high accuracy (accuracy up to ±0.3%), fast response speed and other characteristics, can better play its role in the temperature monitoring role of the smart bracelet.

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