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NTC Thermistor and Refrigerant Pressure Sensor
2023/01/17 03:01:57

Many working systems in daily life rely on the refrigeration cycle, from the refrigeration system in the industrial workshop, to the refrigeration module of the automotive refrigerator, from the household air conditioner to the automotive air conditioner, the refrigerant pressure sensor plays a vital role in it. In order to improve the sensitivity of the refrigerant pressure sensor to temperature better, NTC thermistor is generally selected for temperature monitoring and temperature control.

So, why does NTC thermistor need to be used during the operation of refrigerant pressure sensor? First, the low temperature and low pressure refrigerant gas enters the compressor, when the gas is compressed, it will heat up rapidly; The refrigerant then enters the condenser and releases heat to the outside environment to condense into a liquid phase. In this process, it is necessary to add NTC thermistor to the refrigerant pressure sensor for real-time temperature monitoring, which assists the stable operation of the entire refrigeration system within the normal temperature range, and prevents the refrigerant leakage caused by insufficient pressure, resulting in abnormal temperature and then damage to the equipment.

Using NTC thermistor, refrigerant pressure sensor can further optimize the entire refrigeration system, maximizing the efficiency of the refrigeration system and effectively helping it collect more temperature data. Therefore, what factors need to be considered in the NTC thermistor selection process?

First, response speed

Due to the refrigerant pressure sensor is in a working scene with rapid temperature change, in order to ensure its normal operation throughout the refrigeration process, the rapid response of the NTC thermistor is required. As long as the thermistor is combined with the refrigerant pressure sensor in time, its working capacity can be maximized.

Second, accuracy

The high-accuracy NTC thermistor can help the refrigerant pressure sensor to monitor the temperature more accurately, improve its work efficiency and save reaction time.

Third, high temperature resistance

If the refrigerant pressure sensor is used in automobile, which has a high operating temperature. NTC thermistor that resists high temperatures can keep it stable at high temperature.

VT series NTC thermistor of EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. has high stability, which can assist refrigerant pressure sensor in complex temperature environment; It’s high reliability, which can reduce the failure rate of refrigerant pressure sensor during operation.

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