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Medical NTC Thermistor and Body Surface Temperature Measurement
2023/01/31 03:01:13

In clinical medicine, body temperature is one of the important physiological parameters, and the patient's body temperature can provide doctors with important information about their physiological state. Due to the high accuracy requirements of medical temperature monitoring, it is necessary to add medical NTC thermistor to accurately measure the temperature of the human body surface to obtain accurate data.

EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. introduces a contact measurement sensing device that measures the temperature of the human body, which can not only measure the body temperature, but also provide more physiological state parameters for medical pathological analysis. The equipment includes NTC thermistors, array temperature sensing probe, signal conditioning unit, signal acquisition unit, main control unit and communication unit. Among them, the array temperature sensing probe is connected to the signal conditioning unit, the signal conditioning unit is connected to the signal acquisition unit and the main control unit, the main control unit is connected to the signal acquisition unit and the communication unit. The array temperature sensing probe includes a sensor housing and NTC thermistor, a thermistor electrode circuit board, a temperature insulation layer and a control circuit board, the signal conditioning unit, signal acquisition unit, main control unit disposed in the sensor housing and communication unit are disposed on the control circuit board. Several NTC thermistors are arranged on the circuit board in the form of arrays, and the NTC thermistor array is connected with three resistors to form an unbalanced Wheatstone bridge; The insulation layer is installed on the NTC thermistor circuit board, its head passes through the insulation layer, exposing the surface of the insulation layer, and the leads is connected to the NTC thermistor circuit board.

NTC thermistor with negative temperature coefficient is used as temperature sensing electrode and formed into an array, three resistors are built into an unbalanced Wheatstone bridge, and combined with thermistor, temperature insulation layer, signal conditioning unit, signal acquisition unit and other structures and circuit design, effectively improve the temperature measurement accuracy, not only can be applied to human body temperature distribution measurement, but also can be applied to other fields of temperature measurement, in human skin temperature measurement and other temperature range measurement can achieve high accuracy.

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