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Application of NTC Thermistor Chip in Optical Transceiver
2023/02/23 03:02:25

In recent years, 5G mobile communication technology has gradually matured, and the improvement of communication speed and communication capacity have made optical transmission systems widely used, which also opened up the sales of optical transceiver. In order to ensure the stability of data transmission and optimize the internal heat dissipation components of the optical transceiver, NTC thermistor chip is usually placed for temperature monitoring.

In the working process of the optical transceiver, it is necessary to ensure that its operating temperature is kept in a certain range (generally ≤ 70 ℃) to output a laser with a stable wavelength and complete the transmission and reception of data transmission. The use of NTC thermistor chip to monitor real-time temperature can reduce the fluctuation of the operating temperature and ambient temperature of the optical transceiver and maintain its normal operation. In the traditional optical module heat dissipation solution, most of them are passive heat dissipation, that is, heat dissipation through natural convection. However, natural convection heat dissipation requires a large space, but the external size of the optical transceiver does not allow. There are also other solutions such as adding a cooling fan, but the working environment of the optical transceiver is mostly outdoor, which leads to the life of the cooling fan is far less than the operating life of indoor application scenarios, which reduces the cost-effectiveness of optical module cooling. Therefore, at present, the NTC thermistor chip combined with the internal heat dissipation components of the optical module for temperature monitoring and temperature control is a better heat dissipation solution to ensure the operation of the optical transceiver.

Gold electrode NTC thermistor chip developed and produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is small in size and can be customized in size, which can meet the narrow installation space of optical transceiver and meet different assembly positions of customers; Both surfaces of the semiconductor ceramic are coated with gold electrodes, so that its consistency is better and more stable than that of the silver electrode NTC thermistor chip; Its high-precision characteristics make the temperature measurement process more accurate. Gold electrode NTC thermistor chip is suitable for the bonding process, which is more cost-effective and has more installation flexibility than the SMT process.

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