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Application of NTC Thermistor in Mobile Phone Lithium Battery
2023/03/09 03:03:24

As a new generation of batteries, lithium battery is constantly carrying on product upgradation with the continuous development of smart phone technology. In today's quick charging era, lithium battery will heat up during charging/discharging, in order to work better, the assistance of NTC thermistor is indispensable.

As rechargeable mobile phone battery, the service life of lithium battery depends largely on the charging process that matches the charging current and temperature, especially quick charging. In order to ensure that the lithium battery of the mobile phone works within the allowable temperature range during the charging/discharging process, the temperature monitoring circuit and NTC thermistor are generally selected as the protection mechanism of the lithium battery. NTC thermistor can monitor the battery temperature in real time in the intelligent protection circuit of mobile phone lithium battery to prevent unnecessary heating due to excessive current.

NTC thermistor can also monitor the charge level of mobile phone lithium battery with the assistance of voltage measurement. NTC thermistor monitors the upper and lower temperature of quick charging, and can effectively increase the number of charge/discharge cycles through temperature-controlled charging, extend the service life of lithium battery, improve safety and make full use of battery capacity.

Before starting charging, if the ambient temperature of the lithium battery exceeds the specified temperature range (generally set to ≤5℃ or ≥45℃), charging should be prohibited to ensure safety. Since the lithium battery of the mobile phone contains explosive and separable substances, if there is no NTC thermistor for temperature monitoring, the charging current is not cut off when the lithium battery is charged, and the end of charge time is only defined by the maximum charging voltage, the lithium battery of the mobile phone will be overloaded and then damaged. IT series miniature insulated lead NTC thermistor produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. has high sensitivity, which can accurately monitor the temperature of mobile phone lithium batteries; Its great stability, can ensure the long-term smooth operation of mobile phone lithium battery.

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