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NTC Thermistor and Countertop Ice Maker
2023/05/24 03:05:13

In scorching summer, a cold drink can make people feel refreshed. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the pursuit of convenience, intelligence, practicality and other aspects of home products has also been continuously improved, and countertop ice maker have emerged from the times, which can allow people to have cool at any time. In order to ensure that the ice maker can make ice quickly and normally, NTC thermistor is required to monitor the temperature of the ice water tank to prevent problems such as caking and non-forming of the ice.

The working principle of the ice maker is mainly to cool the water in the tank through the refrigerant of the ice making system, and then obtain ice. Due to the water temperature of the water tank is not stable and easily affected by the ambient temperature, the following situations may occur:

First, the water temperature is too high, the ice is thin in thickness and melting fast, and even does not form;

Second, the water temperature is too low, and the ice is easy to caking, resulting in ice lumps.

In either case, the ice making effect is severely affected while resulting in a low-value user experience. NTC thermistor is used to monitor the water temperature of the water tank in real time, compare and analyze it with the preset temperature value, and feed the temperature data back to the ice making system in time to help the ice maker adjust the ice making time. Specifically, when the thermistor detects that the water temperature is higher than the preset temperature value, the ice making will be temporarily stopped, and the water in the water tank will be injected into the ice-making chamber for cooling; After cooling, the water is re-discharged into the tank to cool the water in the tank. This process continues until the NTC thermistor monitors that the water temperature drops to a preset temperature value, and the ice maker then resumes ice making.

Due to the working environment of the ice maker is in a low temperature state for a long time, the NTC thermistor selected also needs to be resistant to low temperature to ensure the normal operation of temperature monitoring. Epoxy-encapsulated NTC thermistor of EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. has a temperature resistance as low as -40℃, which can meet the temperature needs of ice maker. Epoxy-encapsulated NTC thermistor also has the characteristics of high accuracy and rapid response, which can better assist the ice maker in the process of accurate temperature measurement and rapid ice making.
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