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Role of NTC Thermistor in IGBT Module for New Energy Automobile
2023/07/12 03:07:53

With its low conduction loss and low on-resistance, IGBT module has become indispensable core component in electronic control module for new energy automobile. The working junction temperature of IGBT in both switching on/off state and overload state is very high, in order to avoid excessive temperature affecting heat dissipation or even causing failure, NTC thermistor is usually set for temperature monitoring.

At present, the thermistor used in the conventional IGBT module design scheme for new energy automobile is mostly GT-T series MELF glass encapsulated NTC thermistor produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. Its advantages are:

First, high sensitivity, which can respond quickly to real-time temperature monitoring during IGBT working process;

Second, glass encapsulated, which can withstand the high temperature working environment of IGBT;

Third, leadless, which is convenient for automated SMT.

With the continuous improvement of new energy technology, in order to save costs of circuit space and make the internal design more refined, SiC module with higher integration level than IGBT module has become popular semiconductor device in recent years. In order to cooperate with major manufacturers to develop and upgrade modules, EXSENSE Electronics has launched a fixed resistor applied to SiC module, which can maintain stable electrical properties in high-temperature environments. In addition, fixed resistor has the following advantages:

First, it can be used for bonding, suitable for IGBT, SiC , GaN and other power modules;

Second, excellent stability, which can help SiC module to improve system reliability;

Third, the size is small, which helps to reduce costs and increase efficiency while optimizing the installation space;

Fourth, great weatherability, reduce the influence of harsh environment on fixed resistance, effectively protect the work of SiC module from environmental factors.

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