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NTC Bare Chip in Automotive LiDAR
2023/08/23 03:08:33

With the steady improvement of national consumption level, consumers' requirements for the quality of automobile continue to improve, and the advancement of intelligence has accelerated the development pace of automobile innovation technology. In recent years, the market penetration of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) has gradually climbed, and one of its core components, LiDAR, has also received widespread attention. Due to the very high requirements for ambient temperature in the working process of LiDAR, NTC bare chip will be added to cooperate with temperature controlling and temperature monitoring to effectively improve the working efficiency of LiDAR.

Compared with other core sensor components in ADAS, such as cameras, millimeter-wave radar, LiDAR has outstanding advantages. Compared with LiDAR, millimeter-wave radar has lower detection accuracy, and it is difficult to accurately model some obstacles and pedestrians in the measurement process. In addition, in the case of electromagnetic interference, the LiDAR can still work normally, while the millimeter-wave radar will be affected so that it can not work.

Even the output of the high-resolution camera is still 2D image, which needs to be transformed into 3D image by other software so that the driver can understand the current driving situation better. On the other hand, the camera cannot carry out specific distance measurement and obstacle identification, which also needs to be combined with other components to assist. This problem can be avoided by using LiDAR, which creates a 3D point cloud using the light reflected by the collision of laser pulses with objects around the automobile, then uses precise calculations to obtain a 3D point cloud image. In this process, in order to avoid the deviation of the ambient temperature and the operating temperature of the internal components to the measurement of the LiDAR, it is necessary to carry out real-time temperature monitoring of the NTC bare chip, improve the stability of the LiDAR and ensure the accuracy of data acquisition.

The reason why NTC bare chip is selected for temperature sensing is that it has high temperature measurement accuracy as an independent component, which improves the accuracy of internal temperature control and temperature monitoring of LiDAR. In addition, NTC bare chip has the following characteristics:
First, high temperature resistance, which can adapt to various harsh working environments of LiDAR;

Second, suitable for a variety of bonding processes, easy mounting can be as close as possible to the temperature measurement position of LiDAR, for effective and rapid temperature monitoring;

Third, NTC bare chip size is small, which can be customized according to the customer's installation location.

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