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Application of NTC Thermistor in Household CPAP Machine
2023/09/26 03:09:59

In recent years, with the trend of respiratory diseases becoming younger (such as OSAHS obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome, COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, etc.) and the incidence increasing year by year, the market share of household CPAP machine continues to rise, which has also driven the continuous rise in demand for related components, and medical NTC thermistor is one of them. By taking advantage of the fact that the resistance value of thermistor decreases with the increase of temperature, the household CPAP machine can achieve real-time temperature monitoring and temperature protection.

Most household CPAP machines on the market are equipped with a water tank, which is convenient for users to turn on the atomization function to increase air humidity during use, keep the respiratory system unblocked and improve the comfort of the treatment process. The reason why medical NTC thermistor has become a vital component in household CPAP machine is that it can not only monitor the temperature during the working process of the CPAP machine, avoid discomfort caused by excessive atomization temperature and even cause respiratory burns, but also achieve temperature protection to avoid excessive atomization humidity causing users to inhale too much water vapor and cause cough, which can improve safety performance and enhance user experience.

Specifically, the medical NTC thermistor cooperates with the control module and heating module of household CPAP machine, after obtaining the real-time atomization temperature, the data will be transmitted to the control module for comparison with the preset temperature value of the system (the value can be determined according to the actual situation). If the data is less than the preset temperature value, the CPAP machine will continue to heat to ensure the atomization effect; If the data is greater than the preset temperature value, the CPAP machine will stop heating and maintain a constant temperature to ensure the treatment effect and sleep quality of users. The addition of thermistor allows users to effectively obtain accurate data information and improve comfort when using household CPAP machine.

In the working process of the CPAP machine, the requirements for temperature measurement accuracy are very high, so the selection conditions of NTC thermistor are also very harsh. The accuracy of MT series medical NTC thermistor produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. Can reach ±0.5%, which can play an accurate temperature monitoring role in household CPAP machine. In addition, it also has the following features:

First, the thermal time constant is small, which can help the household CPAP machine responds faster during use;

Second, MT series medical NTC thermistor has small size, which can meet the different assembly requirements of household CPAP machine manufacturers.

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