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LiDAR Temperature Monitoring: Importance of NTC Bare Chip
2024/01/03 03:01:59

With the continuous development of science and technology and the continuous promotion of applications, LiDAR is more and more widely used in UAV mapping, automatic driving, rail transit and other fields. In order to meet the needs of high-precision and high-efficiency work of LiDAR, optimizing its own performance is the key. Among them, the use of NTC bare chip for internal working temperature monitoring to ensure the stability and reliability of LiDAR is one of the important hubs in the process of performance improvement.

The junction temperature of the LiDAR has a profound impact on its operation, such as long-term over-temperature will lead to the reduction of the service life of the LiDAR and affect its reliability. In general, if it is used in optical communication or surveying and mapping, its working temperature range is -40℃~85℃; If it is used in vehicles, its working temperature range is -40℃~105℃. Therefore, in order to ensure the high-precision detection of LiDAR, it is necessary to use NTC bare chip for temperature monitoring, and combine chip, TEC, heat sink and other components to ensure its smooth operation.

Specifically, when the LiDAR is working, the NTC bare chip synchronously monitors the temperature of the laser chip and transmits the obtained temperature data to the TEC. The temperature control group of NTC is the preset threshold of the high temperature segment and the low temperature segment, when the temperature is too high, TEC will increase the power of the chilling plate and reduce the temperature of the laser chip after receiving the temperature information fed back by the NTC bare chip; When the temperature is too low, TEC will reduce the power of the chilling plate and increase the temperature of the laser chip after receiving the temperature information fed back by the NTC bare chip, so as to ensure that the LiDAR is always in the best working condition.

As an important part of LiDAR, NTC bare chip realizes high-accuracy temperature monitoring, improves the working life and reliability of LiDAR effectively. In order to ensure that LiDAR can maintain excellent operation anytime and anywhere, the first choice for the selection of NTC bare chip is weatherability. EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. recommends the DT series gold electrode NTC bare chip independently developed by our own, which electrode layer is not easy to occur ion migration in extreme climate, and can adapt to various harsh working environments of LiDAR. In addition, gold electrode NTC bare chip responds quickly, when an abnormal situation occurs in the LiDAR in real time, the temperature value can be immediately transmitted to the TEC, then timely measures can be taken to protect the laser chip and the entire LiDAR system. Moreover, gold electrode NTC bare chip is high accuracy, by accurately monitoring the operating temperature of LiDAR to further optimize its performance, which helps to improve the range, accuracy and reliability of LiDAR detection.

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