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Precise Temperature Measurement of NTC Bare chip In Optical Transceiver
2024/04/18 03:04:14

With the rapid development of optical fiber communication technology, optical transceiver, as the core component, plays a vital role in data transmission, network communication and other fields. However, the operating stability of a transceiver is closely related to its operating temperature. Over-temperature operation will not only reduce the performance of the transceiver, but may also lead to shortened equipment life or even damage. Therefore, accurate and real-time temperature monitoring and control of transceiver is particularly important. In this context, NTC bare chip plays an irreplaceable role in the temperature management of optical communication transceiver due to its unique temperature sensitivity characteristics.

The resistance value of the NTC bare chip is negatively correlated with the temperature, which enables the NTC bare chip to accurately sense and reflect the operating temperature change of the transceiver. NTC bare chip is usually soldered inside of the transceiver and works with other modules to monitor the operating temperature of the transceiver in real time. Specifically:

First, the temperature monitoring of the NTC bare chip can provide accurate temperature signals for the control module to prevent performance degradation or device damage due to excessive temperature of the transceiver.

Second, during the working process of the transceiver, its output power and wavelength will be different under the influence of temperature, and the NTC bare chip is used to collect temperature information, which can accurately compensate the temperature and ensure the stability and reliability of the transceiver.

Third, the NTC bare chip and the heat dissipation module of the transceiver cooperate with each other to adjust the heat dissipation strategy in time according to the real-time temperature, so that the working temperature of the transceiver is maintained within the normal range.

Considering that the application environment of the transceiver has strict requirements for temperature monitoring, the selection of NTC bare chip is also more stringent. In order to help transceiver improve temperature measurement efficiency, EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. has independently developed a gold electrode NTC bare chip suitable for transceiver, which has the following characteristics:

First, high accuracy: Gold electrode NTC bare chip has high accuracy (can reach to ±0.3%, ±0.5%, ±1%), which is able to meet the needs of precision temperature control of transceiver;

Second, high stability: The upper and lower surfaces of the NTC bare chip are gold electrodes, which have higher stability than silver electrodes, which are suitable for long-term work in harsh environments;

Third, fast response: The temperature response speed of the gold electrode NTC bare chip is fast, and it can quickly capture the change of transceiver temperature, which is conducive to taking timely measures to avoid the potential risks caused by sudden temperature changes.

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