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Explore How NTC Chip Can Improve Temperature Monitoring Accuracy of Infrared Gas Sensor
2024/06/26 03:06:54

With the rapid development of industrial technology, the importance of gas monitoring in industrial production, environmental monitoring, medical diagnosis and other fields has become increasingly prominent. As an efficient gas monitoring component, the accuracy and stability of infrared gas sensor are always affected by temperature. Using the temperature-sensitive characteristic of NTC chip, infrared gas sensor can achieve accurate temperature control and provide a strong guarantee for the gas monitoring process.

In addition to the NTC chip, the infrared gas sensor will also combine the signal processing unit, gas chamber, light source, etc. to form a complete temperature monitoring and temperature compensation system. The use of NTC to monitor the temperature threshold of the sensor in real time is essential to maintain a stable output of the light source, optimize the identification of gas absorption peaks, and reduce environmental disturbances. Specifically:

First, through the high-accuracy temperature compensation and control of the NTC chip, to ensure that the temperature inside the sensor is constant, which can effectively reduce the absorption of non-target gas or spectral drift and stabilize the working environment temperature of the infrared gas sensor;

Second, under the working environment conditions of large temperature changes, the fast response characteristics of the NTC chip of the infrared gas sensor help to keep its working temperature within the conventional range and prevent misjudgment of gas monitoring due to abnormal temperature;

Third,the excellent consistency of NTC chip can carry out long-term and stable temperature control and monitoring in infrared gas sensor, which helps to reduce the probability of decline of infrared gas sensor performance and prolong its service life, especially in harsh or extreme environments.

The nonlinear relationship between the resistance value of the NTC thermistor and the temperature makes it very sensitive to temperature changes. The infrared gas sensor uses NTC chip, which can effectively reduce the influence of temperature fluctuations on the sensor and ensure the accuracy of the measurement results. As the core component of temperature management, NTC chip developed and produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. can assist the infrared gas sensor to accurately measure the temperature with high accuracy (accuracy can reach ±0.5%). In addition, the small size of the NTC chip can promote the integration and miniaturization of infrared gas sensor.

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