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SLC Single Layer Capacitor for Surface Mount
2022/06/28 03:06:35

SLC single layer capacitor developed and produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is suitable for high density surface mounting due to its small size, thin thickness and leadless, which plays the role of DC isolation, filtering, tuning, etc. in microwave integrated circuits. However, due to the small capacitance size of single layer capacitor in conventional technology, it is often difficult to operate in fully automatic surface mount. Mounting with tools (such as microscopes) will increases the cost and need to ensure that the mounting is accurate, otherwise short circuits may occur.

In order to solve the above technical problems, it is recommended that a SLC single layer capacitor, it’s suitable for surface mount. It has the characteristics of great structural strength, simple process, high cost performance, and can provide high capacitance value through its thin dielectric layer. This chip capacitors is firstly metallized on both sides of ceramic green body and placed between a pair of composite metal/ceramic substrate in the green body; They are laminated together by isostatic pressing machine, then sintered to obtain single layer capacitor ceramic substrate.

Wherein, the metal layer on the central dielectric layer, i.e. the area covered by the inner electrode is less than the entire area of central dielectric layer, extends to one of the two relative edges of the central dielectric layer, but not beyond the other two relative edges. In addition, the ceramic dielectric layer and the ceramic portion of the composite end are sintered together at the edge of the insufficient metallization, which increases the structural support for the single layer capacitor due to the monolithic structure in nature. It is worth noting that the end of the composite contains conductive metal and the central electric dielectric layer does not contain metal, so the metal in the composite will be preferentially coated on the end of the composite, while the pure ceramic of the central electric dielectric layer will not be coated. The resulting single layer capacitor is essentially a monolithic structure, which means it is sintered from solid structured materials, thus eliminating internal boundaries, interfaces, etc., and does not contain epoxy resins, glues, solders, etc. During the entire manufacturing process, the only assembly step takes place in the green body state. Moreover, the conductive metal of the single layer capacitor can be Ag, AgNO3 or AgCO3, as well as Cu, Ni and their alloys, but these metals usually require reducing atmosphere. Pd, Pt, Au and their alloys can also be used, but these metals are generally more expensive than Ag-based systems. And the ceramic material is the ultra-low temperature sintering ceramic material, which is used in the conductive metal part of the composite material, its sintering temperature is generally about 800℃. This temperature point allows the ultra-low sintering ceramic material to be most compatible with the metal part. It should be noted that the ceramic material must be sintered below the metal melting point.

This single layer capacitor for surface mount, its structural integrity is more conducive to its miniaturization development, and its good structural strength and its great structural strength and simple process can also provide customers with a wider range of capacitance values.

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