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SLC Single Layer Capacitor with Great Structural Strength
2022/10/31 03:10:29

In the process of assembling conventional SLC single layer capacitor into the PCB board, if there is not enough structural strength, cracks, peeling and other situations are easy to occur. However, for single layer capacitor produced by the existing manufacturing process, it is difficult to ensure the capacitance value while increasing the thickness of the ceramic body to obtain greater structural strength.

How to achieve high structural strength while maintaining a large capacitance value? EXSENSE Electronics recommends a type of single layer capacitor that maintains the original size while ensuring high capacitance value and high structural strength. This chip capacitor locates the electrodes between the layers of the ceramic dielectric material to construct one or more internal electrodes, which can be Class I, Class II, Class III porcelain dielectric materials or any other material suitable for the manufacture of single layer capacitor. wherein the ceramic dielectric layer has at least one internally embedded electrode, and extends to the entire surface, in electrical contact with at least part of the metal layer located on the four sides and the entire lower surface; At the same time, at least one electrically isolated metallization pad is located on the upper surface of the ceramic body and is electrically isolated from all electrodes inside the ceramic dielectric layer. The electrically isolated metallization pad is parallel to the main surface of the internal electrode and is formed only on the upper surface of the ceramic dielectric layer.

Single layer capacitor produced by this preparation method have a wider range of capacitance value and maintain high structural strength. Allows customization of capacitance values while providing high capacitance value using a thin ceramic dielectric layer without sacrificing structural strength.

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