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Company Information

EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is a private high-tech company, involving in the product marketing, R&D of NTC thermistor, NTC chip, temperature sensor and electronic materials. Depending on the strong cooperation in circle, we provide complementary service for various electronic components.

We are able to manufacture in mass production, adopting advanced semi-conductor processing system, combining with NTC thermistor and temperature sensor and electronic materials with our own independent research and development, and using high precision material processing, cutting, sealing, packing and testing equipment from Japan, Taiwan and Germany, we are able to manufacture in batches. Meanwhile, through creative management and intensive quality control, we assure the high stability and reliability during continuous production.

At present we mainly manufacture items as follows: AT series - non-insulated lead type NTC thermistor, LT series - non-insulated lead (small type) NTC thermistor, IT series - high precision NTC thermistor for electronic thermometer, CT series - chip NTC thermistor, GT series - glass sealed NTC thermistor, TS series - NTC temperature sensor, OT series - OA (office automation) NTC thermistor & temperature sensor, VT series - NTC thermistor for vehicle temperature sensor & thermo switch making, MT series - NTC thermistor for medical temperature sensor making, DT series - die (bare chip) NTC thermistor, DTV series - die (bare chip) NTC thermistor for vehicle temperature sensor & thermo switch making, and DTM series - die (bare chip) NTC thermistor for Medical temperature sensor making.

We keep bringing forth new ideas and improving our R&D capacity. We possess various invention patents in the field of temperature sensor and electronic materials and maintain close cooperation with the advanced peer in the world. We are committed to supplying our customers with both high-tech products and quality service. We pursue our management philosophy as following:

Striving for perfection - quality cast brand;

Sharing development - repay staffs and society;

True practice - enterprise serve our country.

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