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GT Series -- Axial Type Glass Sealed NTC Thermistor
Glass encapsulation NTC thermistor can be used in harsh environments such as high-humid environment. Its small size, light weight rugged construction and easy installation make it suitable for office automation equipment. Exsense Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of NTC thermistor chip and NTC thermistor components.
1. High reliability, stability, high sensitivity.
2. Wide range of resistance: 0.5 ~ 1000KΩ.
3. Usable in high-temperature and high-moisture environments due to the glass wrapping.
4. Small, light, firm structure, convenient automatic installation on PCB.
5. Rapid response time.
6. Operating temp. -30℃ ~ +250℃.
1. Temperature compensation and detection for Office automation facilities (e.g. Copiers, printers etc.).

2. The control and detection of temperature in industrial, medical, environmental, weather and food processing equipment.

3. Household appliances (air conditioners, microwave ovens, electric fans, electric heaters, etc).

4. Liquid level indicator and flow measurement.

5. The temperature compensation for apparatus coils, integrated circuits, quartz crystal oscillators and thermocouples.

6. Electronic thermometer and medical equipment.

7. Medical instrument.
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