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NTC Thermistor Chip in Smart Female Underwear
2019/03/25 03:03:37

Each year, about 1 million women be diagnosed with breast cancer around world, and nearly 40% of women die from this cancer. If breast cancer patients can get early detection and treatment at a limited stage (no lymph node involvement), the cure rate can reach 80%~90%. As a result, a US company has launched a smart underwear which uses NTC thermistor chips to advance the detection time of breast cancer cells by 6 years, which is expected to save the lives of thousands of breast cancer patients.


Nowadays, the accuracy of three-dimensional X-ray examination commonly used in hospitals is only 70%, and 43.1% of them are false positive. The accuracy rate of this high-tech underwear can up to 92.1%, of which the probability of false positives is also significantly reduced. Although modern technologies such as breast three-dimensional X-ray can diagnose early breast cancer, these methods can cause physical discomfort to patients and expose them to radiation effects. Therefore, it’s urgent to develop a safe, effective and comfortable detection method. Now, there is a smart underwear with a built-in temperature sensor which uses the NTC thermistor chip to measure subtle changes in the temperature at the breast to determine if there is a suspicious lump in the breast. Previous studies have shown that if cancer cells are come into being in the human’s body, the blood vessels will have abnormal conditions, resulting in changes in the temperature of the corresponding parts of the body. As a result, the built-in temperature sensor in this smart underwear allows temperature measurements to initially determine whether the user has a physical abnormality.


This smart underwear, which can prevent breast cancer and other breast diseases in advance, is characterized by the two symmetrical cups, and the inner end of the cups are set with a variety of temperature sensors for monitoring breast data information. In the temperature sensor, the NTC thermistor chips used for temperature detection is produced by EXSENSE Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., the high precision, fast response, high reliability and other advantages of the NTC thermistor chips, combined into the underwear module, can be through the temperature detection data to do a body monitoring of the breast.

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