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New NTC Chip Packaging Taping
2019/04/30 03:04:38

Bonding is a wire bonding method in the production process of NTC chip. Generally used before encapsulation, connecting the internal circuit of NTC chip and encapsulating pin or gold-plated copper foil for circuit board through gold wire or aluminum wire. During the bonding for NTC chip, first need to use the mechanical arm to grasp the NTC chip, for this reason, the NTC chip must be packaged as the way of neat, regular arrangement  to feed material, in order to facilitate the mechanical arm to grasp.


In existing technology, NTC chips usually have four packaging methods: self-sealing bag packaging, glass bottle packaging, crystal box packaging and blue film packaging. Among them, self-sealing bag packaging and glass bottle packaging are the NTC chip placed in the self-sealing bag or glass bottle messily, there is no regular arrangement, not conducive to the bonding process. Crystal box packaging and blue film packaging need to arrange the NTC chip manually, which is low work efficiency; And in the transport process is easy to lead to the NTC chip shift, reverse, then can’t ensure that the direction of its arrangement spacing and electrode surface unchanged; In addition, the timeliness of the viscosity of blue film limits the storage time of the NTC chip.


In order to solve the above technical problems, we provide a  new NTC chip packaging taping that will prevent the shift, reversal of NTC chip, to ensure that the arrangement spacing of the chip is consistent, can be automated processing, long storage time. This new NTC chip packaging taping includes surface cover tape, carrier tape, bottom cover tape and  NTC chips. On the carrier tape, the location holes of NTC chip are set uniformly-spaced, the chips are fixed in the location hole; The surface cover tape and the bottom cover tape are respectively attached to the upper and lower surface of the carrier tape. The new NTC chip packaging taping can effectively prevent the shift and reversal of NTC chip in the transportation process, ensure that its arrangement spacing is consistent, and facilitate mechanical arm to grasp when it feed material during bonding process. Compared with the existing technology in the crystal box packaging and blue film packaging, the processing of new NTC chip packaging taping is without manual arrangement for  NTC chips, high degree of automation, work efficiency has been significantly improved. Compared with the blue film packaging, the structure of new NTC chip packaging taping is more sealed, and the storage time is longer.


This new NTC chip packaging taping, the shape size of the location holes of the NTC chip is comparable to the shape size of the chip. For example, NTC chip of 0.55*0.55*0.2mm needs to be packaged, you can choose an carrier tape which location hole size of NTC chip of 0.58*0.58*0.22mm. And each NTC chip packaging taping has 4,000 or 8,000 pcs NTC chips in its reel.

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