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NTC Thermistor and LED Ceiling Lamp
2019/07/19 02:07:04

LED ceiling lamp, which is often used in home, office, entertainment venues and other places. Now the ceiling lamp on market, generally using fixed shape of the heat sink to cooling, but in the process of heat dissipation, the heat is concentrated on the outside wall of the heat sink, resulting in poor cooling effect, which seriously affects its service life. The NTC thermistor produced by EXSENSE Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. can efficiently and accurately measure temperature, and can sense the real-time temperature of the LED ceiling lamp very well.

To this end, let’s introduce a thermal efficiency adjustable LED ceiling lamp. Its design is novel, and easy to produce and assemble, by adding an NTC thermistor in series with the cooling fan, by the thermistor to sense the temperature of the surface of the LED ceiling lamp, and follow the temperature changes to change their resistance value, so as to achieve automatic adjustment of thermal efficiency, so that the cooling fan can make air circulation to cool the inner cavity of the lamp cover, thus increasing the service life of the ceiling lamp.

This thermal efficiency adjustable LED ceiling lamp, including lamp cover, LED ring lamp, NTC thermistor and mounting plate. LED ring light is arranged at the bottom of the lamp cover, the top of the lamp cover is provided with mounting plate, one side with air outlet, inner cavity with fixed block; The inner cavity of fixed block is arranged with power supply wire, one side with a cooling fan; The LED ring light has NTC thermistor on top. Among them, the power supply wire is externally connected to external power supply circuit, and the power supply wire is electrically connected to the cooling fan through the NTC thermistor. When the temperature of the LED ring lamp increases, the resistance value of NTC thermistor decreases and the current supply of the cooling fan increases, thus increasing the speed of the cooling fan to realize automation to adjust thermal dissipation efficiency. When the cooling fan is turned, the air is brought into the lamp shade by the air inlet, to cool drown the inner cavity of the lamp cover, and the thermal energy is sent out by the air outlet, thus achieving reasonable cooling of the interior of the lamp shade. Throughout the cycle, the NTC thermistor effectively and steadily measures the temperature of the LED ceiling lamp.

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