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NTC Thermistor and Quick Charge Portable Charger
2019/07/25 02:07:32

The NTC thermistor researched and developed by EXSENSE Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., has the characteristics of high sensitivity, rapid response, high precision and so on, which is widely used in a variety of electronic products, such as quick charge portable charger. In the last one or two years, with the improvement of quick charging function of mobile phone industry, portable charger is also developed rapidly. At present, most of the portable charger has digital display feature, but there are very few quick charge portable charger that can actually charge 20,000 mAh or less in 60 minutes, as the same time there is very few with digital display feature.

Today, let’s introduce a quick charge portable charger, it has the characteristics of simple structure, reasonable design, easy to use, and has digital display feature, which can make up for the defects and shortcomings of existing technology. This quick charge portable charger with digital display feature includes a housing, circuit board, NTC thermistor and lithium battery. The circuit board is equipped with an MCU controller, which uses the charging and discharge circuits to calculate the capacity of charging and discharge, compared with the pre-set capacity of the program. The MCU controller is electrically connected to the charging interface, charging pulse width modulation, battery protection circuit, NTC thermistor and lithium battery. NTC thermistor can play the role of temperature monitoring and temperature control, to ensure the cycled operating life of the portable charger. At the same time, it can ensure that the battery cell works at a safe temperature and initiatively stops working at abnormal temperatures. The lithium battery is electrically connected to the battery protection circuit; The charging pulse width modulation is electrically connected to the charging interface; MCU controller is also electrically connected to the drive circuit; The drive circuit is electrically connected to the LED status display device; The battery protection circuit is also electrically connected with the discharge circuit; 
The discharge circuit is electrically connected to the MCU controller and the identifying chip, and the identifying chip is electrically connected to the discharge interface.

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