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LED Lamp and NTC Thermistor
2019/09/26 03:09:03

NTC thermistor, whose resistance decreases as the temperature increases, and vice versa. This feature makes it widely used in various lighting appliances, playing the role of temperature detection and temperature control, such as flashlights, LED lamps and so on. Traditional fluorescent lamps are generally used fluorescent tubes, because LED has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, long servicing life, and LED technology continues to develop, so fluorescent lamps are gradually replaced by LED lamps.

Since fluorescent lamps are often installed with ballasts, the output current is alternating current, and LED needs to be driven by DC, in order to replace, in the LED lamp, which needs to be installed the power drive module. Many of the existing technologies use electrical ballast to drive electric light sources, which are lightweight and compact, and can even be integrated with lamps and so on. Electronic ballast can also improve or eliminate flickering of fluorescent lamps by increasing the current frequency or by increasing the current waveform (such as turning into a square wave).

Today, we present this LED lamp with NTC thermistor, which can be connected directly to an electronic ballast, reducing power dissipation. This LED lamp includes a tube body, an LED light-emitting module and a power drive module. Among them, the tube body has the first end and the second end, the first end is equipped with the first light pin and the second light pin, the second end is equipped with the third light pin and the fourth light pin; The tube body is equipped with LED light-emitting module and power drive module, the power drive module includes the first input end, the second input end, the first output end and the second output end; The first output and the second output are connected to the positive and negative poles of the LED light-emitting module respectively, the first light pin and the second light pin are connected to the first input end respectively by the first NTC thermistor and the second NTC thermistor: And the third light pin and the fourth light pin are connected to the second input end respectively by the third NTC thermistor and the fourth NTC thermistor.

One of the input ends of the power drive module series current-limiting module, avoiding the output current of electronic ballast is too large, damaging the light-emitting module or drive module, and the current-limiting module is a current-limiting capacitor. The current-limiting capacitor is 0.001 to 0.1μF, and the better range is 0.00472 to 0.1μF. NTC thermistor has a nominal resistance value of 1 to 20Ω, and a better range is 2 to 12Ω. Nominal resistance value is the value of resistance measured by NTC thermistors at 25℃.

EXSENSE electronic technology Co., Ltd. adopts advanced semiconductor manufacturing process and combines with independent intellectual property rights to process, slices and package through high-precision materials imported from Japan, Taiwan and Germany, ensuring the high stability and great reliability of the continuous production of NTC thermistors and NTC chips.

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