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NTC Chip for Infrared Thermopile
2020/03/06 03:03:11

The infrared thermopile can measure the temperature by detecting the infrared energy of an object at a certain distance. The higher the temperature, the more infrared energy is generated. Therefore, because of its non-contact temperature monitoring at room temperature, the infrared thermopile has the characteristics of high cost-effective, long service life, fast response speed and high precision, etc., and which is mostly used in the measurement of human temperature. The core component of the infrared thermopile is NTC chip, which is small size, high sensitivity, great precision and high reliability, which helps the infrared thermopile to obtain more accurate measurement data during temperature monitoring.

The forehead thermometer, also known as infrared thermometer, which can be measured body temperature quickly and accurately. Its internal infrared thermopile plays a central role in converting temperature variables into the desired electronic signals, and the NTC chip in the infrared thermopile is an indispensable component in its operation. NTC chip will be fixed in the infrared thermopile with the encapsulation process of bonding, which plays the role of temperature monitoring.

In an infrared thermopile, we first need to use a high-precision and high-reliability NTC chip to measure the ambient temperature of the thermopile, and then calculate the measured temperature through the CPU, we can use EEPROM to pre-write some standard temperature conditions, such as: the temperature of the object under test is 37℃, the measured output voltage of the thermopile at an ambient temperature of 25℃. Moreover, the output voltage of the thermopile, the bias of the transport and the dispersion of the gain, etc., can be corrected by software.

The infrared thermopile, which is directly induced thermal radiation in the temperature-measuring NTC temperature sensor, which is a non-contact temperature measurement. The high-precision and high-reliability NTC chip produced by EXSENSE Electronics ensures the long-term stability of operation. The infrared thermopile does not need to be cooled, but it can achieve an accuracy of up to ±1℃ over the entire temperature measurement range, and for a relatively narrow temperature measurement range, such as body temperature measurement, the accuracy can be up to ±0.1℃.

The high-precision and high-reliable NTC chip researched, developed and produced by EXSENSE Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., with characteristics of fast response speed, high cost-effective, good stability, which is widely used in bonding, such as infrared thermopile, IGBT, thermal print head, integrated module, semiconductor module, power module, etc..

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