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Types of IGBT and Their Development
2022/02/17 03:02:22

Power devices are essential components in industrial automation control and power supply industry, which are divided into power diode, MOSFET, IGBT, silicon carbide, gallium nitride several types. Among them, IGBT plays a particularly important role, which can be divided into low-voltage IGBT, medium-voltage IGBT, high-voltage IGBT. MELF glass encapsulated NTC thermistor developed and researched by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. adopts advanced semiconductor manufacturing process and combines independent research and development of processing technology, which can play the role in temperature monitoring and temperature protection in IGBT. Among them:

First, low-voltage IGBT is low-voltage~1200V or less, which is mainly applied in consumer electronics and photovoltaic inverter.

Consumer electronics basically concentrate at household appliances, white goods, nowadays home appliances develop towards the direction of energy conservation and emission reduction through frequency conversion, such as frequency conversion air conditioning. And the key component of frequency conversion is IGBT, the frequency conversion of the whole consumer market is gradually mature, home appliances market is currently in the state of update iteration, accounting for 25%~27% of the IGBT market share.

The development of photovoltaic inverter has fluctuated in recent years. The national photovoltaic inverter policy launched in the previous year has affected manufacturers, but it is gradually improving with the rise of overseas markets. Photovoltaic inverter is becoming mature now, most of which power devices will use IGBT. Photovoltaic inverter industry accounted for about 20% of the IGBT market share, the change in recent years is not very large.

Second, medium-voltage IGBT is 1200V~2800V or 2500V, which is mainly used in new energy automobile and wind power generation.

New energy automobile is an still incremental market, which is a market to be cultivated for domestic IGBT companies. But the barriers and technical thresholds of new energy technology is still relatively high, which is controlled in the hands of several large domestic manufacturers, new energy automobile in the IGBT market share last year accounted for 30%~31%. In new energy automobile, the cost of battery is about 40%~50%, and the cost of battery drive may account for up to 20%, and IGBT is applied in the battery drive. IGBT accounts for about 50% of the structure, so the cost of IGBT in a new energy automobile is about 8%~9%. The cost of such power components is very attractive to manufacturers, including charging equipment for new energy automobile. The IGBT cost of large DC charging piles accounts for 15%~18%. Therefore, the development of IGBT in the future is mainly reflected in the investment and product matching of IGBT manufacturers in the field of new energy automobile, which can basically judge the technical strength and brand strength of an IGBT company.

Wind power generation is still developing fastest in China, which also has strict requirements for IGBT. Customers are relatively scattered, accounting for about 11% of the IGBT market share.

Third, high-voltage IGBT is over 2800V~3000V, which is mainly concentrated in rail transit (high-speed rail, bullet train, subway) and smart power grid. Smart power grid is developing rapidly at home and abroad. More and more IGBT are used in ultra HV DC power transmission and transformation in China, so this area is also an incremental market.

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