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NTC Thermistor Monitors Operating Temperature of BMS Battery Management System
2022/04/06 03:04:01

BMS battery management system is mainly used to monitor the working status of lithium batteries, maintain lithium battery modules, and prevent undesirable phenomena such as aging performance, electrical damage, electric leakage, liquid leakage, micro-short circuit, and capacity decline during use. If the user does not find out and continues to use, it may cause heat, short circuit, combustion, explosion and other safety hazards. Therefore, most manufacturers will choose to place NTC thermistors to monitor the temperature of the BMS battery management system and lithium batteries to play the role of temperature protection.

In order to ensure the normal operation of lithium batteries, in addition to the assistance of the BMS battery management system and the NTC thermistor, the assistance of a microprocessor is required. The microprocessor controls the BMS battery management system to detect the electrical performance signal of the lithium battery, and at the same time the BMS battery management system also feeds back the detected lithium battery electrical performance signal to the microprocessor, and the microprocessor controls the LCD display module to display the corresponding lithium battery electrical performance signal. As a component that monitors the temperature of the BMS battery management system and the lithium battery, the NTC thermistor is connected to the microprocessor in the form of an electrical connection.

The use of NTC thermistor to BMS battery management system and lithium battery temperature monitoring and protection in real time, through the BMS battery management system for lithium battery voltage, current, resistance, battery capacity, electric leakage, overcharge, discharge, circuit safety protection, temperature and other electrical performance testing, and signal display on the LCD display module, Users can clearly know the using state of lithium battery, better ensure the safety of lithium battery use.

Epoxy resin coating NTC thermistor of EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. has the characteristics of fast response, high reliability, great heat resistance cycle, etc., which is a good assistant to the BMS battery management system to carry out the protection of lithium battery.

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