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High-precision Linear NTC Thermistor
2022/04/21 03:04:00

NTC thermistor with great linearity can not only be better used in the field of temperature monitoring, but also has wider temperature range, which can be used in high-temperature environment and low-temperature environment at the same time. In addition, the great linear NTC thermistor can meet the customer's special application scenarios, so as to avoid the need for series resistance in high temperature section due to small resistance value and weak signal. NTC thermistor with great linearity and wide temperature range is mainly made of a mixture of metal oxides and solvents, metal oxides include the following percentage by weight: Mn2O3 20%, Ni2O3 50%, Fe2O3 10%, CuO 15%, Al2O3 1.5%, MgO 3.5%. The specific steps of its manufacturing method are as follows:

First, the preparation of ceramic material

Mix the metal oxide according to the weight percentage, then add ethyl alcohol, adhesive and dispersant to prepare the ceramic material, where the weight ratio of metal oxide: ethyl alcohol: adhesive: dispersant = 1: 0.35: 0.57: 0.06;

Second, tape casting

The ceramic material is placed in the vacuum chamber, the tube is used to absorb the ceramic material on the carrier film, and the film with 20~70μm is obtained, then it is transferred to the oven through the circular shape belt and dried at 30~60℃ in the oven, circulation production to the designed layer number and thickness, after drying by separation, cutting, rubber discharge, sintering then get NTC thermal ceramic substrate;

Third, print metal electrode

Printing metal electrodes on the upper and lower surface of sintered NTC thermal ceramic substrates;


According to the resistance demand, the required size is diced to obtain the NTC thermistor chip;

Fifth, after inserting, welding, epoxy encapsulation, high temperature curing, appearance detection, foot cutting, sorting, get the NTC thermistors with great linearity and wide use temperature range.

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