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NTC Thermistor Monitors and Controls the Temperature of Hard Disk Drive
2022/12/21 03:12:06

Hard Disk Drive (HDD) is one of the important hardware in the computer, which is mainly responsible for writing, storing data and reading stored data. When computer is running, the internal transistors and oscillators generate heat inevitably, and hard drive is sensitive to temperature extremely. Its working temperature is 5~55℃, and the ambient temperature of the hard disk drive in summer cannot exceed 40℃, due to the excess temperature will cause the stability and reliability of the hard disk drive to decline seriously. When hard disk drive is at a critical point in the temperature tolerance range, the probability of read and write errors increases significantly. Therefore, NTC thermistors or IC temperature sensors are usually used to monitor the temperature of the hard disk drive in real time, in order to carry out temperature measurement and signal transmission through the NTC thermistors or IC temperature sensors when the temperature is too high, assist the control center to start the fan motor to cool the hard disk drive.

NTC thermistor and IC temperature sensor are both used as components for temperature monitoring and control, compared with the two, NTC thermistor have the following advantages:

First, the measurement accuracy is high, the highest accuracy can be 0.05℃, while the IC temperature sensor is 0.5℃;

Second, small size, response speed is faster than IC temperature sensor;

Third, the cost price is lower than that of IC temperature sensor.

In addition, hard disk drive writes data through magnetic head, which records data information on the magnetic membrane of the disk. In this process, the magnetic head will heat up due to long-term work. In order to avoid the decrease of the sensitivity of the magnetic head and the loss of recording data, it is necessary to place NTC thermistor for temperature monitoring and control the current flowing through the magnetic head.

In summary, CT series SMD type NTC thermistor produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is the best choice for temperature monitoring and control of hard disk drive. It has high sensitivity, high accuracy (up to ±0.5%), great thermal cycling resistance and stability, which also can provide different parameters according to customer needs.

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