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Role of NTC Thermistor Chip in New Energy Battery
2022/12/22 03:12:41

In recent years, with the continuous development of new energy vehicle, new energy battery has been widely used in new energy vehicle because of their excellent characteristics. As one of the important components of new energy vehicle, the safety and stability of new energy battery is particularly important. In order to extend the service life of new energy battery, the insertion of NTC thermistor chip as the "heart" of temperature monitoring has become the choice of most new energy manufacturers.

When the new energy battery fails, it will lead to many adverse consequences, ranging from the vehicle to the inability to start, to the worst causing fire, explosion, etc., seriously endangering the safety of people's lives and property, causing irreparable losses. The news of spontaneous combustion of new energy vehicles due to batteries is also common, so it is particularly important to design safe and effective temperature control and monitoring systems for new energy battery. Due to the continuous cycle of charging and discharging of new energy battery, the battery temperature will continue to rise, which is easy to lead to a decrease in battery performance. In order to ensure the normal operation of new energy battery, NTC thermistor chip plays a vital role in the battery pack:

First, ensure the cycle life of the battery;
Second, make the battery charge more economical and efficient;
Third, accurate real-time temperature monitoring of the battery to assist in monitoring the battery power;
Fourth, real-time monitoring whether there is abnormal current that causes battery heating.

NTC thermistor chip developed and produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. has the characteristics of high accuracy, high reliability and high sensitivity, which improves the accuracy and rapidity of real-time temperature monitoring to ensure the best performance and safety of new energy battery.

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