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Automotive Grade IGBT and NTC Thermistor
2023/01/13 03:01:07

With the development and integration of technologies in many fields such as automobiles, energy, the Internet of Things, etc., new energy vehicles have gradually become the main development direction of the automotive industry. As one of the important high-power modules for the operation of new energy vehicles, automotive grade IGBT is constantly being upgraded with their own technology and internal structure. A necessary protection parameter in the working process of automotive grade IGBT is junction temperature, in order to simplify the process of temperature measurement of IGBT shell, NTC thermistor is directly encapsulated in the module to assist its rapid response.

In the automotive grade IGBT module, the NTC thermistor is generally placed on the ceramic substrate to monitor the working temperature of the IGBT substrate, using the characteristics of its resistance value decreasing with the increase of temperature, with other signal collection modules inside the IGBT, when the internal operating temperature of the IGBT rises to the high temperature threshold, the NTC thermistor can stop the IGBT by disabling the gate driver, preventing the IGBT from overheating and causing adverse effects.

Due to the operating temperature of automotive grade IGBT is closely related to its safe operation and reliability, the addition of NTC thermistor is particularly important. As a high-precision and fast-response component, CT series SMD type NTC thermistor developed and produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. can assist automotive grade IGBT to properly cool down and eventually shut down when the operating temperature or external temperature is too high.

At present, with the continuous development of new energy vehicle process technology, compared with traditional automotive grade IGBT module, SiC module has received greater attention from major manufacturers. Because SiC module is resistant to high voltage and high temperature, small size, high thermal conductivity and low resistance, which can help the all-round upgrade of on-board charger, charging pile, motor and other equipment of new energy vehicle better. In order to promote the continuous upgrading of SiC module and simplify the process of IGBT, EXSENSE Electronics has launched a self-developed weld-resistant SMD type NTC thermistor, which chip welding surface is suitable for high-temperature welding and wire bonding surface is suitable for wiring process, and can better play its role in temperature monitoring in SiC module.

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