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Temperature Controlled NTC Thermistor in Electronic Cigarette
2023/02/16 03:02:16

With the increasing health awareness of people, electronic cigarette has gradually become an alternative to cigarette. Due to electronic cigarette generates heat during the heating process, in order to avoid burns caused by overheating, manufacturers generally choose to install NTC thermistor for temperature monitoring and temperature protection to better improve user experience.

Generally, NTC thermistor is placed in the heating component of electronic cigarette. In the main body of the electronic cigarette, an intelligent control board and temperature controller will be added to cooperate with thermistor for real-time temperature protection. When the user turns on the electronic cigarette, the high-precision NTC thermistor will monitor the temperature of the heating component and feed back to the intelligent control board, which then limits the heating temperature of the electronic cigarette through the intelligent control board to prevent the working temperature of the electronic cigarette from being too high and causing injury to the user.

Through the high temperature resistance glass-encapsulated NTC thermistor produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., electronic cigarette manufacturers can more accurately monitor the temperature of heating components and achieve intelligent temperature control. Its encapsulated housing is made of glass, which can withstand high temperature environments; The small size of the temperature sensing head, which can assist fast response.

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