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Lithium Ion Battery with NTC Thermistor
2023/02/22 03:02:21

Nowadays, the continuous development of quick-acting charging technology has made the application field of lithium ion battery continue to expand, from TWS Bluetooth headsets, smart phones, laptops and other portable devices to power tools, household appliances, new energy vehicles and other industries, which are reused by many manufacturers. In order to ensure the stability of the operating temperature of lithium ion battery during the charging/discharging process, NTC thermistor plays an important role in temperature monitoring.

Compared with slow charging, quick-acting charging lithium ion battery has higher temperature requirements during work, due to its service life matches the charging current and temperature. The use of NTC thermistor, with temperature detection circuit, is a better choice for lithium ion battery protection mechanism. In the intelligent protection circuit, thermistors, as components to monitor the temperature of lithium ion battery, can effectively prevent excessive operating current of lithium ion battery and cause excessive temperature overheating. In the quick-acting charging process, NTC thermistor can assist the operating temperature of the lithium ion battery not lower than / higher than its own upper limit/lower limit temperature, improve the safety of quick-acting charging and make full use of the battery capacity, increase the number of charge/discharge cycles, and extend the service life of the lithium ion battery.

Compared with nickel-based battery, lithium ion battery is lighter in weight, smaller in size and have a higher performance ratio, so its development prospect is broader. And with the further enhancement of lithium ion battery research and development capabilities, its energy density is getting higher and higher, which means that it is very important to maintain the thermal stability of lithium ion battery during operation. The high-sensitive NTC thermistor developed and produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. has the characteristics of high stability, low resistance drift and great consistency, which can effectively and accurately monitor the temperature of lithium ion battery.

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