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TWS Earphones with SMD Type NTC Thermistor for Temperature Measurement
2023/05/19 03:05:58

Since the advent of TWS earphones, with convenient charging methods and excellent product features, it has kept its popularity high. With the increasing attention of modern people to their own health and the increasing number of diseases around the world, TWS earphones manufacturers also see business opportunities and add NTC thermistor to the design scheme for body temperature monitoring, so as to meet the needs of users better.

The reason why TWS earphones can quickly capture the hearts of consumers is because compared with traditional wired earphones, they have the following advantages:

First, leadless structure, TWS earphones gets rid of the shackles of wired earphones, bringing convenience to users while improving user experience;

Second, compared with wired earphones, TWS earphones integrate the advantages of low latency, noise reduction, lossless sound, etc., which have superior performance;

Third, in addition to the ordinary call, volume adjustment and other functions of the wired earphones, TWS earphones also realizes real-time body temperature monitoring through the NTC thermistor, successfully entering the smart wearable market.

Specifically, the NTC thermistor as the core of the ear canal temperature measurement is disposed at the inlet ear of TWS earphones; When the user wears the earphones, the thermistor monitors the body temperature in real time and then transmits the data to the processing module; The processing module then sends the data to the mobile terminal for users to view anytime and anywhere. Due to the highly integrated circuit layout inside TWS earphones, the thermistor used is usually SMD type NTC thermistor, it has fast response speed and small size, which can meet the assembly requirements of TWS earphones.

With the continuous improvement of R&D technology of TWS earphones, EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. has launched a CB series SMD type NTC thermistor which is developed and produced independently. Compared with the conventional SMD thermistor on the market, this product has the following advantages:

First, the temperature measurement accuracy can be as high as ±0.3%;

Second, the bending strength is excellent, and the limit bending can reach 10mm;

Third, CB series SMD type NTC thermistor can also achieve high resistance value and low Beta, the linearity effect is better.

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