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NTC Thermistor in Sous Vide Heater
2023/07/05 03:07:24

The continuous improvement of people's living standards has also promoted the development of many new household appliances. One of them, which has become popular in recent years, is the sour vide heater, which was born to complement the current popular cooking method of low temperature cooking. Sour vide heater mainly uses vacuum constant temperature to cook ingredients to better lock in nutrients and enhance taste. In order to ensure the constant temperature state of the sour vide heater, the cooperation of NTC thermistor is required to maximize the cooking advantages of the sour vide heater.

Traditional cooking methods make it difficult to accurately control the temperature and time, and overcooking can affect the taste and waste ingredients. With the sour vide heater, simple and accuracy temperature control is possible through the built-in NTC thermistor, and sous vide cooking maintains the original flavor of the ingredients. Specifically, the thermistor is electrically connected to the heating unit and control unit of the sour vide heater; When the sour vide heater is turned on and the specified temperature is set, the heating unit starts working. At the same time, the NTC thermistor begins to monitor the temperature of the heating unit. When the temperature reaches the specified temperature, the control unit will combine with the thermistor and the heating unit to make the sour vide heater work at a constant temperature.

Relevant research data show that the growth rate of microorganisms of ingredients in the environment of 20~50℃ will accelerate, and the optimal temperature of cooking ingredients is 50~70℃ (this range refers to the temperature required for protein denaturation), and the use of thermistor can be used for precise temperature control to assist sour vide heater to make exquisite dishes. In addition to this, choose to set the NTC thermistor in the sour vide heater for the following reasons:

First, high accuracy. Taking advantage of this feature, thermistor can ensure the precision of temperature control process of the sour vide heater, making cooking efficient and perfect;

Second, high sensitivity. The epoxy resin coating NTC thermistor produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. can quickly respond when the sour vide heater is operating at an abnormal temperature, and feed back the information to the control unit to cut off the power supply in time.

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