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NTC Thermistor and Electric Kettle
2023/08/18 03:08:15

Because of its simple operation, time-saving and rapid heating, electric kettle has become common household appliances in family. In daily use, in order to avoid the loss of life and property safety caused by dry burning of electric kettle, the placement of NTC thermistor is very important.

How does NTC thermistor play its role in leading the temperature monitoring and temperature control of working process of electric kettle? Let EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. take you to understand specifically:

First, the temperature control module in the electric kettle is electrically connected to the control module, after the thermistor monitors the real-time temperature, the temperature control module will analyze data, if the water of inner pot temperature is heated to 100℃, it will be fed back to the control module, then the control module will issue a disconnect command to stop the electric kettle from working;

Second, if the user mistakenly touches the electric kettle switch and the inner pot is in a state of no water, there will be dry burning, at this time the temperature control module will monitor the abnormal temperature of the inner pot through NTC thermistor, then the control module will issue a disconnect command to stop the electric kettle from working.

In summary, the role of NTC thermistor in the operation of electric kettle is self-evident. It not only improves the safety and convenience of electric kettle, but also effectively prolongs the service life of the electric kettle. When selecting thermistor, EXSENSE Electronics recommend small size NTC thermistor for the following reasons:

First, the accuracy is high, and the temperature control module can be assisted to maintain the accuracy of real-time temperature data acquisition during the working process of the electric kettle;

Second, the consistency is great to ensure the working stability of temperature control module of the electric kettle;

Third, the head size is small, and the lead length can be customized according to customer needs, which effectively meets the assembly requirements of the temperature control PCB of the electric kettle;

Fourth, small size NTC thermistor is cost-effective and can reduce the cost of selection.

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