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Role of NTC Thermistor in Automatic defogging
2023/09/19 03:09:15

As one of the indispensable configurations in automobile, the automatic defogging function escorts the driver's travel in rain, fog and low temperature weather. With the technological innovation of the intelligent automobile industry, the automatic defogging function of automobile is also continuously upgrading in the direction of intelligence, miniaturization and lightweight. Nowadays, traditional defogging sensor is gradually being replaced by Cell Contacting System (CCS) with NTC thermistor as temperature monitoring.

The reason why CCS can be developed rapidly in the automotive automatic defogging system is that the traditional automotive defogging sensor is large in size and occupies a certain installation space during the automobile assembly process; The response speed is relatively slow, which is not conducive to safe driving; High energy consumption increases driving costs. CCS uses NTC thermistor to make its structure thinner and more integrated, which can effectively optimize safety performance and improve user experience.

Specifically, thermistor is installed on the FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) of the CCS to monitor the temperature change of the windshield in real time. After the automatic defogging function is started, the micro control unit (MCU) will obtain the dew point temperature through the algorithm, and compare the temperature value corresponding to the resistance value of NTC thermistor, if the dew point temperature of the windshield ≤ the temperature value of the thermistor, the MCU will transmit a signal to the device for defogging; If the dew point temperature of the windshield > the temperature value of the thermistor, it is continuously monitored to ensure driving safety.

In order to ensure more effective defogging and more accurate real-time temperature monitoring of automobile windshield, the thermistor selected is generally SMD type NTC thermistor produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. It plays the following roles in automotive defogging CCS:

First, the response speed is fast, its SMD structure can be closer to the windshield, and the sensitivity of temperature monitoring is higher;

Second, the size is small, compared with the traditional defogging sensor, it saves installation space and reduces costs;

Third, the use temperature range is wide, which can work stably in a variety of harsh environments.

EXSENSE Electronics believes that with the assistance of SMD type NTC thermistor, the automotive automatic defogging system will continue to break through technical barriers of CCS, accelerate technical iteration, provide drivers with more comfortable, convenient and safe driving environment.

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