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Solderable NTC Thermistor Chip and SiC Silicon Carbide Module
2023/09/21 03:09:54

In recent years, new energy vehicles have been favored by more and more consumers, which has also led to the development of high-power semiconductor industry, SiC silicon carbide module is one of them. During the working process of the silicon carbide module, its temperature change will also affect the operation of the application terminal, so it is necessary to add NTC thermistor chip for real-time temperature monitoring to ensure the normal operation of the module.

Compared with other power devices, silicon carbide module can become a rising star because it has superior characteristics:

First, the switching speed is faster, which means that the switching loss is reduced, thereby improving efficiency;

Second, the temperature resistance is higher, which means that the silicon carbide module can work in a higher temperature environment, which can relatively simplify the heat dissipation device and related heat dissipation mechanisms;

Third, the size is smaller, which means that the weight is reduced, to meet the development needs of compactness and miniaturization in the current market;

With the help of NTC thermistor chip, silicon carbide module can maintain its excellent working characteristics even at high temperatures. Conventional NTC thermistor chip for silicon carbide module are generally printed metal electrodes on the upper and lower surfaces of semiconductor ceramic, which makes it prone to migrate during the high-temperature working process of silicon carbide modules, resulting in a decrease in welding strength. In order to assist manufacturers of silicon carbide module to promote technological innovation, EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. launched a self-developed solderable NTC thermistor chip suitable for wire bonding. Different from conventional thermistor chip, it adds barrier layers between metal electrodes and semiconductor ceramic, which effectively reduces the rate of migration, prevents the electrical performance of the NTC thermistor chip from declining, ensures accurate temperature monitoring and temperature protection in silicon carbide module. In addition, compared with traditional thermistor chip, solderable NTC solderable chip also has the following characteristics:

First, the sensitivity is high, which can respond quickly when silicon carbide module is working, timely feeds back the temperature situation;

Second, suitable for a variety of die bonding processes (silver adhesive, reflow soldering, silver sintering, etc.), which can meet the different installation needs of customers;

Third, the working temperature range is wide (-50~200 ℃), which can adapt to the high-temperature working environment of silicon carbide module.

As a temperature protection component, the solderable NTC thermistor chip produced by EXSENSE Electronics not only reduces the cost of the power protection system of silicon carbide module, but also saves the simple structure from the cumbersome installation process, which plays an indispensable role in silicon carbide module.

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