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Household Energy Storage with NTC Thermistor
2023/10/17 03:10:14

In recent years, with the popularity of new energy vehicle and the country's strong support for the sustainable development of renewable energy, the pace of household energy storage and series energy industry has been promoted, and the demand for photovoltaic IGBT market has also been increased. Since most of the household energy storage is placed in indoor spaces, NTC thermistor is generally used for temperature monitoring to prevent hidden dangers to ensure safe use.

Hou sehold energy storage, as the name implies, has the biggest advantage of providing household electricity while storing electric energy, which can help users save electricity prices during peak hours. With the development trend of modularization of the new energy industry, household energy storage is also constantly advancing in the direction of high integration, and is committed to improving the work efficiency and circuit power of internal photovoltaic IGBT to better optimize the energy storage system.

When the internal photovoltaic IGBT of household energy storage is in operation, the impact of temperature change on it cannot be underestimated, which might affect the normal operation of IGBT, or even cause IGBT damage at worst. Therefore, the addition of NTC thermistor can take advantage of their high sensitivity to temperature to ensure that photovoltaic IGBT can work within the normal temperature range. Moreover, with the cooperation of other components, thermistor can also assist the IGBT to turn off in time when the ambient temperature is overheated or its own temperature is too high.

Specifically, NTC thermistor monitors the temperature of the photovoltaic IGBT in real time, then transmits the temperature signal to the processing module; The processing module compares and analyzes the data acquired by the NTC with a preset temperature threshold through company calculations and feeds the data back to the processor. If the temperature value is abnormal, the photovoltaic IGBT protection mechanism will be triggered in time to avoid its failure. Since NTC thermistor is usually temperature protected during long-term overload operation of photovoltaic IGBT, most of the design solutions of household energy storage use GT-T series MELF glass encapsulated NTC thermistor produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., for the following reasons:

First, high temperature resistance (working temperature -40~250℃), in harsh environments, it can also stably assist IGBT for temperature monitoring;

Second, the response is fast, the excellent sensitivity of the glass encapsulated can sense the temperature change in time, and improve the operation safety of IGBT;

Third, MELF glass encapsulated NTC thermistor is SMD structure, which can save the internal installation position of photovoltaic IGBT.

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