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NTC Thermistor Ensures Safety of Lithium Battery
2023/10/19 03:10:33

Due to its advantages of great environmental protection, long cycle life and high safety performance, lithium battery is widely used in consumer electronics, energy storage, new energy vehicle, power tool and other industries. As a "monitoring room" of lithium battery, NTC thermistor ensures the safety and stability of lithium battery through real-time temperature monitoring, and avoids potential safety hazards caused by excessive self-heating or high/low ambient temperature of lithium battery.

The temperature change during the charging/discharging process of lithium battery will directly affect its service life, and the use of NTC thermistor for over-temperature protection is conducive to scientific and effective charging/discharging of lithium battery. Specifically, NTC thermistor is attached to the surface of the battery pack of the lithium battery and real-time temperature monitoring is carried out through the over-temperature protection module. When the temperature of the lithium battery changes, the resistance value of the thermistor will also change, at this time the information acquisition module will transmit data to the MCU (Microcontroller Unit). The MCU compares the information with the preset temperature threshold after analysis and calculation. If the operating temperature of the lithium battery is abnormal, the MCU will stop its charging/discharging.

In order to maximize the role of NTC thermistor in lithium battery, the selection of NTC needs to be considered in many aspects. At present, the mainstream lithium battery design scheme uses IT series high sensitive insulated lead NTC thermistor produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. Compared with other types of NTC thermistors, it has the following advantages:

First, the accuracy of temperature measurement is higher, which means that it is more sensitive to temperature changes, even if the subtle temperature changes of lithium battery can be sensed in time;

Second, the response speed is faster, the small size of its temperature sensing head means that the heat conduction time is shorter, and the temperature measurement of the thermistor is more efficient;

Third, the consistency is better, and the superior electrical performance ensures the long-term stability in the process of over-temperature protection of lithium batteries;

Fourth, the insulation leads can be bent, which makes the insulated lead NTC thermistor more adaptable in the assembly of lithium battery circuit board, and space layout is more reasonable.

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