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NTC Thermistor Used in Automotive Steering Wheel Heating
2023/10/24 03:10:16

As a practical feature in automobiles, steering wheel heating is crucial for drivers driving in extreme weather conditions, not only to keep the driver's hands comfortable during the driving process, but also to ensure driving safety. In the process the of steering wheel heating, how to heat up at a constant temperature and carry out over-temperature protection at the same time? This requires the assistance of NTC thermistor.

Steering wheel heating of automobile is mainly achieved by using thermistor to convert thermal energy into electrical signal. When the driver turns on the steering wheel heating function, the command is transmitted to the body control module (BCM) through the network transmission device, then the controller heats the steering wheel through the control module. The reason why most manufacturers will use the humanized function of steering wheel heating is because most car steering wheels become cold due to material reasons after entering winter, and enabling this function can:

First, flexible control. At low temperatures, the driver's hand movements become sluggish, and the steering wheel heating strengthens the grip;

Second, reduce the warm-up time. It takes a certain amount of time to make the temperature in the car rise when use the car air conditioner, and steering wheel heating through NTC thermistor can reduce time consumption and improve efficiency;

Third, high efficiency and energy saving. Compared to the car heating function, steering wheel heating reduces fuel or energy consumption and achieves efficient heating.

The addition of NTC thermistor to the heating system of automobile steering wheel has gradually become a technical trend, and its role in preventing the overheating of automobile steering wheel and ensuring the heating effect of steering wheel is inestimable. Considering the high stability requirement of this function, EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. recommends the use of VT series automotive NTC thermistor. Its excellent sensitivity allows it to respond quickly in the intelligent control of steering wheel heating, making the heating process faster. In addition, automotive NTC thermistor has high accuracy, which can accurately control the temperature of the steering wheel and provide constant temperature services for drivers.

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