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NTC Thermistor For Precise Temperature Control in Electric Towel Rack
2023/11/29 03:11:35

With the continuous improvement of people's living standard and quality, the market of smart home has shown a rapid growth trend. Among them, the electric towel rack, with its drying, disinfection and other functions, has become another necessary intelligent product in the bathroom in addition to the smart toilet and the smart bathtub. In order to ensure that the electric towel rack works within the safe temperature range after starting, the addition of temperature-controlled NTC thermistor is essential to effectively prevent the towel rack from heating abnormally.

Specifically, when the electric towel rack starts heating, the NTC thermistor performs real-time temperature monitoring. The temperature data acquired by the NTC is transmitted to the control module and compared with a preset temperature comparison threshold. If the operating temperature is lower than the preset temperature threshold, the electric towel rack will continue to heat; If the operating temperature reaches the preset temperature threshold, the electric towel rack will stop heating and keep the heating wire at a constant temperature through the control module to output heat; If the operating temperature is higher than the preset temperature threshold, the electric towel rack will stop working to avoid accidents. Considering the location limitations and safety constraints of temperature monitoring, NTC generally chooses epoxy coating NTC thermistor because of their following characteristics:

First, high temperature control accuracy (accuracy can up to ±0.5%), which can control the heating temperature accurately when the electric towel rack is working, to ensure a great user experience;

Second, excellent reliability, which can still maintain stable electrical performance in the harsh environment of extreme temperature and humidity, assist the normal operation of the electric towel rack;

Third, small size of the epoxy head, which can reduce the proportion of position in the circuit design of the electric towel rack, improve the integration degree and save the installation cost.

The precise temperature-control of the epoxy coating NTC thermistor helps the electric towel rack improve the working safety and stability, makes the daily life of smart home users more comfortable and convenient. With the continuous innovation of R&D technology, EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. believes that NTC thermistor will also play a role in temperature monitoring and temperature control in smart homes, providing necessary guarantees for users' life automation and technicalization.

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