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NTC Thermistor For Electric Heated Vest: Key to Temperature Monitoring and Controlling
2023/12/06 03:12:42

Cold winter is coming, and the market demand for wearable electric heated products is also rising. Among them, the electric heated vest, which has been sought after by the majority of consumers, has become one of the best-selling products on major e-commerce platforms in recent years. The electric heated vest is mainly heated by NTC thermistor to ensure that the user can maintain its own heat in low temperature environments or cold areas.

Electric heated vest is usually composed of NTC thermistor and control module, which uses the characteristics of the NTC resistance value to change with temperature to achieve temperature regulation and constant temperature insulation. The reason why electric heated vest can be favored by many consumers is because it:

First, great portability and lightness. Compared with heavy sweater, padded clothes, etc., the electric heated vest is light, thin and easy to store, user will not cause inconvenience when carrying out any activities;

Second, good comfort, NTC thermistor is used to achieve temperature adjustment, user can adjust the working temperature of the electric heated vest according to their own needs anytime and anywhere to achieve a better state of warmth;

Third, high security. Real-time temperature monitoring through thermistor can effectively prevent burns caused by overheating of the electric heated vest and ensure user safety.

Specifically, NTC thermistor is electrically connected to the control module, which synchronously performs real-time temperature monitoring and temperature controlling when the electric heated vest is in worked. A temperature threshold is set as the comparison data, when the operating temperature is higher than the temperature threshold, NTC will immediately convert it into an electrical signal and send it to the control module, then the control module will cut off the power supply, and the electric heated vest will stop working to avoid overheating and even skin burns.

Considering the flexibility of the electric heated vest, the integration of its internal components is generally a flexible circuit board (FPC). FPC is lightweight, thin and flexible, with excellent plasticity and bendability; Tensile resistance, great mechanical strength; Anti-interference, stable electrical signal transmission, making the circuit design of the electric heated vest more efficient. In order to improve the circuit layout with the FPC in the electric heated vest, EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. has launched a self-developed and produced CB series SMD type NTC thermistor for smart wearable. Its bending strength is high, which can better adapt to the FPC space structure and improve the integration of electric heated vest; High accuracy (can up to ±0.1℃), help electric heated vest for more accurate temperature monitoring and controlling; SMD type NTC thermistor for smart wearable has high reliability, which can maintain stable electrical performance in harsh environments such as low temperature, ensuring the normal operation of the electric heated vest.

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