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Temperature Measurement NTC Bare Chip Inside IPM
2023/12/13 03:12:00

With the development of power electronics technology, intelligent power module (IPM) has gradually become the core component of household appliances, industrial automation, new energy vehicles and other fields. IPM, which integrates IGBT, driver circuit and protective circuit, not only has the characteristics of IGBT, but also adds intelligent control functions. In order to ensure the safe operation of IPM, accurate temperature monitoring is crucial, which requires the placement of NTC bare chip to assist in real-time temperature measurement.

In IPM, the cooperation between the NTC bare chip and the fault protection circuit makes it have intelligent monitoring and protection functions. The fault protection circuit will preset a temperature threshold, if the NTC bare chip detects that the IPM operating temperature is higher than the threshold, it will convert the temperature data into an electrical signal and transmit it to the fault protection circuit. The fault protection circuit then shuts down the gate drive signal and does not respond to the input signal. The IPM will not resume normal operation until the internal heat sink reduces the overall temperature below the temperature threshold.

By setting the NTC bare chip on the internal PCB of IPM, its operating temperature can be monitored in real time, so that its working status can be intelligently adjusted and controlled. In order to achieve more accurate temperature monitoring and over-temperature protection, NTC is generally installed in the center of the module or within a preset range, so that the temperature situation of each position inside the IPM can be monitored more comprehensively. It is worth noting that IGBT, diode and other power devices are small, so one bare chip can be set, while IPM often needs to set up multiple bare chips for temperature measurement due to structural reasons, and the specific number can be determined according to the actual scheme.

In order to maintain excellent operation efficiency and enhance the safety of IPM, EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. recommends the use of DT series high-accuracy NTC bare chip independently developed and produced by our company, which can reach ±0.1℃, this can improve the accuracy of IPM temperature monitoring and meet the requirements of over-temperature protection. In addition, the high-accuracy NTC bare chip also has the following advantages:

First, rapid response, excellent sensitivity effectively improves temperature measurement time;

Second, the size can be customized, different sizes of bare chips can be selected according to different IPM schemes.

The use of high-accuracy NTC bare chips in the IPM can better ensure efficient temperature control and accurate temperature monitoring, assist the IPM to operate in the best operating temperature range, and prolong its service life.

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