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NTC Thermistor Accurately Measures Temperature and Improve Battery Safety
2023/12/20 03:12:52

As the core energy component of modern electronic device, the performance of the battery is directly related to the operational stability and safety of the device. The temperature monitoring of battery is regarded as a key part of battery protection and has always been the focus of attention in the industry. Most manufacturers will choose to set NTC thermistor on the battery protection board for real-time temperature measurement to improve the reliability of the battery protection board.

NTC thermistor is usually mounted on battery protection board, which can be in closer contact with the battery, making the temperature measurement process more directly and accurately. Specifically, the battery protection board is electrically connected to the positive and negative terminals of the battery, and the thermistor is electrically connected to the battery protection board and is in contact with the main body of the battery. When the battery starts to heat up after the electronic device is turned on, NTC immediately monitors the temperature. When the temperature data is collected, NTC thermistor transmits the data to the battery protection board, then analyzes and calculates it to determine whether the temperature is in an abnormal state. Through thermistor, the battery protection board can help the battery to adjust temperature of the charge/discharge more accurately, so as to effectively control the heat generation of the battery and extend its service life.

Considering the design trend of miniaturized circuits of electronic device, the requirements for thermistor are becoming more and more demanding, so the NTC used in battery protection board generally recommends the CT series SMD type NTC thermistor produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. It does not require a signal amplifier, which can be used to efficiently measure the temperature on the battery protection board by taking advantage of the fact that its resistance value changes with temperature. In addition, this series of SMD type NTC thermistor of EXSENSE Electronics also has the following advantages compared with other traditional NTCs:

First, high accuracy (can up to ±0.5%), ensuring high accuracy of temperature monitoring when the battery is working;

Second, superior reliability, high density of semiconductor ceramic is able to ensure the stability of the temperature measurement process;

Third, small size, reducing costs and increasing efficiency, and promoting the development of battery in the direction of miniaturization at the same time.

The application of SMD type NTC in battery protection board can better assist the battery to optimize the temperature measurement process and improve its safety factor. Meanwhile, the high-accuracy temperature measurement of SMD type NTC thermistor also helps to improve the temperature regulation of the battery protection board during the charging/discharging process, thereby improving the charging/discharging performance of electronic device.

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